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kinnar trans immigrant
anjali in america

As 2024 rolls in, I look forward to a journey of discovery, duty and determination to exist in my identity.

Join me in saving Global South Kinnar Hijrah Transgender lives and  LGBTQIA+ Immigrants and Asylees to USA 

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I am a San Francisco Bay Area, USA based award winning Global South Asian Indian API “Kinnar” immigrant Transgender woman activist.

I am the co-founder and the most recent CEO/President of ParivarBayArea. Anjali led the global disaster relief program of Parivar Bay Area helping save over 90,000 Transgender lives globally raising close to a million dollars. She currently oversees the world’s largest transgender entrepreneurship program with over 26 small businesses owned and led by Transgender Kinner Hijrah people across India.

I am the first of her intersectional identity to be recognized by California Legislative Assembly and Senate as a California LGBTQ+ champion, first Indian trans immigrant to be recognized by the city and county of San Francisco’s OCEIA department focused on Immigration rights, first trans person in America to lead the pledge of allegiance at a US Citizenship ceremony, first US-based Transgender Indian Leader to be named as PathBreaker Award by National Council of Transgender Person of India, first SouthAsian Transgender Woman to be recognized as Women of the year by the U.S Congress along with many awards and honors.  Read more HERE

Building a better world and living a fragile life as an immigrant brown woman with Transgender experience in Norther America, I am a proud Kinnar Woman from India committed to TGNCI+ rights, Queer LGBTQIA+ rights, Women's rights, Immigration justice, Artist upliftment, Art equity, Transgender economic justice and building trauma informed person centric movements and organizations. I am a San Francisco Bay Area based Global South Indian API immigrant Transgender Kinnar Hindu woman. With roots in India, I blossomed in Canada and belonging in the United States.


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