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INDIa yatra

Meet me in India- Bharat: My Janmabhoomi- The soil that endeared me with this life. Let me share the joy and resilience of my chosen Trans Queer communities and chosen family, and the success of SITALparivar across many places. Contact me at for schedules and meetings. Dec 15 2023-Jan 5 2024

Dec 22nd '23, QT Center, Hyderabad, TS 
Dec 15th '23, Anna Bhau Satthe Auditorium, Yerawada, Pune, MH
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Kinnar Immigrant Woman
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Building a better world and living a fragile life as an immigrant brown woman with Transgender experience in Norther America, I am a proud Kinnar Woman from India  committed to TGNCI+ rights, Queer LGBTQIA+ rights, Women's rights, Immigration justice, Artist upliftment, Art equity, Transgender economic justice and building trauma informed person centric movements and organizations.

I am a San Francisco Bay Area based Global South API immigrant Transgender brown woman belonging to South Asian diasporic Kinnar Hindu transgender identity and experiences.

With roots in India, I blossomed in Canada and belonging in the United States

Black Background

my pride